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Voor levering, reparatie, onderdelen of informatie van Robotpumps neemt u contact op met Pompdirect.

ROBOT submersible Pump  / ITT Robot Pompen with Vortex impeller type RW (DWP), heavy duty RD (DNP) with agitator and RT (DTP) with screw centrifugal impeller. Robot submersible pumps are used in sewage and waste water and in slurry applications and can be made in cast iron, stainless steel and Nihard with several options, including Atex. They can be installed free standing or with a quick release system; at the top or on the bottom of the sump.

ROBOT drainage Pump  / ITT Robot Pompen type RC in stainless steel or Duplex, where an aggressive pumping medium, is combined with pumping solids.
ROBOT cutter Pumps / Robot Pompen type RS (DSP) in cast iron. The cutter pumps for pumping waste water where the solid particles must be reduced in size. They are often used in small sewage station. Cap. max 35 m3/h with max 45 meter head. Also dry installed available.

ROBOT bearing bracket Pump / ITT Robot Pompen type BW-BT-BD with vortex or screw centrifugal (Turbotex) range. For use as dirty water, industrial wastewater and sewage pump. The Robot bearing bracket pumps are available with various seal options, in Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Nihard. The models BW3000 (BWP6030), BW5000 (BWP6050) and BW6000 (BWP6060) are designed fot use in slaughterhouses and for transporting feathers.

Maintenance and Parts  / for the Svedala Robot and ITT Robot pumps are common in heavy duty applications. For maintenance and parts of Robot Pumps you can contact us for the necessary parts. On the basis of type and serial number, it is possible to select the correct components. For almost every pump model, service sets are available. Manuals can be uploaded.

Information Request / for Robot Pumps or Parts, send an email to or go to contact. Please mention all the information you can find on the dataplate. Or take a picture of the dataplate and enclose this in your email.